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Finally Inside Aaron's Head!

Nov. 10th, 2004

05:30 pm - YOU KNOW DAMN RIGHT! fucking guy

Erika is the bestest friend ever. Yippeeeee.


Nov. 9th, 2004

10:28 pm - If you only knew....

GDFS! Notice the clever acronym use. BTW, tomorrow is pink day (we wear pink on Wednesdays!). Everyone must follow suit!

That aside, so much of my life has changed. I have alienated myself almost entirely from the male population. W/E. Girls are better anyways. Especially bitchy ones. Except when they're bitchy to me. That shit needs to stop. I will say that vaginas are full of girly cooties. Yucky.

So I am seeing more of TLOML, you know who, and I can only dream of what will never occur, unfortunately. So sad. Tear.

Classes are awesome. So are the people in them for the most part. I could do without Joanna. She's a bitch.

JK! I <3 Joanna. And the whole breakfast crew. Good times. It's just that she's the only person from K that will be reading this. LOL. So sad.

Peace biotches.


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Oct. 17th, 2004

06:07 pm - Wh0A

Yeah, so...

I've decided that fall is by far the best season. The temperature is perfect--between the 40s and 60s. Cold enough to be brisk and crisp, but not too cold. I love being able to see my breath. The trees are the best part of fall. For those who don't get the opportunity to see the seasons change, it's quite possibly the most glorious thing that exists in nature.

Classes are good...moving along quickly. Japanese is awesome. Going to study abroad to Japan my Junior year. Yippee ki yay motherfucker. I've been fucking with my suitemate's minds. They are so confused about my sexuality...I have a "friend with benefits" that comes over, but then I buy issues of Vogue. I am a Conservative Republican, yet I love the OC, Friends, etc. And, the cherry on the cake is that I told them I'd give Orlando Bloom head. Course, what are the odds he'd drop by for some nookie? Nevertheless, it's hilarious.

Homecoming was last night. Lots of peopel were around. I spend my Fridays, Saturdays, and Wednesdays getting drunkz0r.

The end.

Oh, wait. I am in the college radio club and we get cds from all the record labels every week. I found one that is a pretty good one for fans of bubblegum/soul/country and also like that the singer wrote ALL the songs: Bonnie McKee - Trouble. The cd is pretty good. I believe it's her debut album. Go buy it, or download it. I recommend "When It All Comes Down", "Open Your Eyes", "Somebody", and "Trouble"

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Oct. 7th, 2004

06:50 pm

Ben Curtis needs to say tootle-oo to Florida and go to Kalamazoo College. It is so much better than any other college anyway. Plus, the people here are cool...lots of brunettes than resemble Natalie Portman. Plus, you can study abroad in France..receiving credit...and being free all the while.

FSU sucks. Your entry proves it.

If you drop out of school you won't be able to afford lake-front property. So don't.

All girls are shallow. They desire one thing: money. Unless you have a huge dick, if you don't have money, they don't usually want to have anything to do with you.


(I'm a bastard.....I know)

Sep. 28th, 2004

12:19 pm

"License and registration CHICKENFUCKER!!!!!"


"The schnozberries taste like schnozberries."


I feel sorry for those of you who haven't yet enjoyed the cinematic and comedic masterpiece that is Super Troopers.

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Sep. 26th, 2004

07:03 pm

Since I now live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I changed my phone number.
I can be reached by cell at (269) 718-9017. My dorm also has a land line that can be reached at (269) 552-5148. It is worth noting that I never go anywhere without my cell.

In other news, I'm really enjoying my first week of college. Classes begin tomorrow and I'm pretty excited (until they start and I'll pray for them to end). My suitemates are awesome and our personalities blend really nicely. THere are six of us total in the suite. My roomate is a little off---a real introvert...but he might be cool yet (hopefully....)

My classes appear to be awesome...all Asian related. I'm taking Japanese 101, Cultures of East and West, and Intro to East Asian Civ. Japanese and Cultures are taught by one Rose Bundy, a little half-White/half-Japanese woman whose bashfulness is topped only by her quote "I won't teach this class like a white person." The Civilization class is taught by a Chinese prof named Xu (pronounced Shew).

I think one of the most glorious things ever created is the student ghetto. Not only is it rampant with smelly homeless beggars and rich white girls who don't wear bras and smell like cow dung and patchouli, but it is a cornucopia of drugs and alcohol, which can all be bought quite easily. Needless to say there are wild, drunken, orgiastic festivals nearly every night (Yay!)

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about my college is that more people signed up for "Kaleidoscope" the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, and transgender student organization than did people for the College Republicans. Needless to say also that there were 3 full pages on college-ruled paper of names for the College Democrats. Furthermore, about 99% of all the windows and signs on campus are Kerry/Edwards. Being a Republican on campus is like being a black guy at a Charlie Daniels concert hosted in Alabama during a Civil War re-enactment. Hopefully being the "black sheep" won't be too much of a struggle. Luckily, Michigan is still part of the conservative Midwest, and these dumb college kids won't get Frankenstein into office.


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Sep. 18th, 2004

10:43 pm - Shit Dude....

So I officially left Florida for good (well for a while anyways) on September 3rd. Since then it's been a whirlwind...going to Washington D.C. with my folks; staying at my awesome Grandma's house; staying at my brother's house (who is also awesome); staying with my Dad and Step-Mom and being grateful for their generosity. I move into my dorm on Tuesday (September 21st) and classes being on the 27th. Booyah motherfuckers! My school doesn't start until almost October. We get out the second week of June though. It's worth it. Be sure to let me know if ever you're in Michigan.

Worthwhile note: I saw President Bush about a week ago in Michigan..he was doing different rallies and whatnot. It was cool. It was coincidental too--cause a week prior I had a private tour of the White House.

Off to play The Sims 2. Yay.

Note: Soon Ben Curtis will be posting naked pictures of himself shorn like a lamb. Got to admit though, if done right, it can be one hell of a cool thing. If done wrong, it's an itchy, razor-burned catastrophe. Best advice I've heard in this department: Electrice beard and mustache TRIMMER--it trims not shaves.

Aug. 26th, 2004

11:44 pm

I leave on September 2 which is one week from today. If I don't see you, well then I guess you are too fucking busy to make time for little old me. Fuckers.

11:30 pm - So freakin' hectic

So my days have gone from doing absolutely nothing all day to working all day. I'm too tired to get into the specific details but I've been working on the Bush-Cheney campaign at LEAST 12 hours a day, and when I'm not meeting senators and congressmen, or getting lunches or dinners for free or whatnot, I'm campaigning for Frank Schwerin. You can check out district 14 candidates http://congress.org/congressorg/e4/clist/cong/?zip=341344978&state=FL

And when I'm not doing that I'm hanging out with Ross who has more connections (in a good way) that any human should have. And, what's more crazy is that he doesn't even realize it when he talks about his visits with these multi-millionares, CEOs, legislators etc. And, crazier yet, this chick I was hanging out with is an heiress to a very well known fortune (which will remain unnamed) to the tune of $114 million. Yay for going to a party with her and her friend this weekend. They will end up being the next Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie except infinitely smarter...I just know it.

So my week has gone unbelievably well. I've had SO much freakin' fun. Republicans are SO much more fun that anyone would have thought. Especially when you double over laughing when a 74 year old woman starts going on about vibrators. Her 78 year old husband wasn't within earshot--he would have keeled over.

So, to sum up, this week was awesome. Made awesome friends. Was briefly on tv today. Worked my ass off and had so much fun doing it. So much food...too much food.


Aug. 20th, 2004

10:19 pm - The Hurricane, The Amish, and The Death

Ok, well...how to begin?

#1: Meteorologists suck. They didn't know that Charley was gonna go from a 1 to a 5 in like 3 nanoseconds?

Well, it's not really their fault. Hurricanes suck. Luckily, we did not incur any damages.

So what did we do to ride out the storm? We went to Ft. Myers of course!! Stayed at this guy Chris's house...he's a friend of my step-dad's. How stupid we were.

Well the guy was a total ass to me right from the getgo. We stayed there from Thursday night until Saturday evening. As soon as it was ok to leave...we did. I didn't realize why Mom and Jason wanted to go so bad until later that day. Read more..

So we get home, and it's already 2198732 degrees outside. And we waited. We drank water and waited. We used flashlights and ice and sterno and bottled water...and yes, we waited. I had never considered how much the Amish give up. I thought on a few occasions, "well I'll just give so-and-so a call, or I'll just IM my brother" none of which was possible. One very good thing that came with 52 hours without power: reading a 756 page book cover to cover. And a very good read too.

So then comes Monday. Sometime that morning Jason walks into the hallway and says, with some nonchalance, that "Chris is dead".

With shock, I rose and so did Mom in the other room and we all met in the hallway. "What?"

Well...I realized then perhaps how he died. The day we got home Mom said that she observed Chris snorting cocaine in his bathroom. Oops. We came to find out that he died in his sleep..with his 5 year old daughter in his arms...from an embolism. Dead--at 35. Come to find out he had had a heart attack earlier that year. Certainly cocaine didn't help his heart.

Yada yada yada.

It's just crazy to think we spent his last weekend alive with him. I never got to know the man when he wasn't drunk and stoned (that weekend was my first time meeting him). And what's even more ironic is that he did the coke thinking that he was going to die in the storm...little did he know then that that coke would eventually lead to his death less than 48 hours later.

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